We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same. Read more on our blog.

We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same. Read more on our blog.

What is the Patient Portal?

The patient portal allows you to have your own online account and access messages from the clinic, results and documents relating to your treatment with us. You will be able to view your treatment calendar as the stages are confirmed as well as your upcoming appointments and complete registration and medical history details in digital format. It can be found at https://portal.gcrm.co.uk/

Each patient will have their own personalised log-in details for the portal and whilst these are originally set up by TFP GCRM Fertility, we recommend you log in and change these to something chosen by you. If you forget your username/password at any point, don’t worry as these can be reset.

How do I gain access?

If you called and registered with the clinic after February 2017, you should have been sent emails regarding the patient portal at your first point of contact. The first email will have asked you to verify your name and DOB to allow us to confirm we have the correct email address. Once we received a response to this email, we will have sent you a second email confirming your log-in details.

If you did not receive this email or would like us to send it again, please call us at the clinic on 0141 891 8749.  This will allow us to double-check your email address and start the account registration process.

What can it do for me?

Logging in

Once you have your username and password for the portal, visit https://portal.gcrm.co.uk/ which will automatically take you to the log-in page. Alternatively you can select the Patient Portal link at the top of the homepage of www.gcrm.co.uk


Once you have entered the username and password provided to you, this will allow you to access the portal and all the features below. We recommend that at first log-in, you change your password to something more memorable. To do this, select the ‘Details’ button on the homepage of the patient portal, then select ‘My details’.

This will take you to your personal details page. At this stage, you should check all of your details, including spelling and ensure they are correct. If there are any mistakes, please call the clinic on 0141 891 8749 to advise us.

To change your password, scroll to the bottom of the page to display the ‘email & password’ section. From here, you should select ‘Edit’ and make any changes you need to. You can adjust your email address from here also and this will automatically update on our database.

Please make sure you select ‘Save’ to confirm and save any changes.

Registration & Medical History forms

When you first log in to the patient portal, we recommend you complete these forms straight away. If you are a new patient to TFP GCRM Fertility, we need this information ahead of your first appointment with us. To complete these forms, you should select ‘My Forms’ from the toolbar at the top of the patient portal homepage.


You will then be taken to the ‘My Forms’ page where you can fill out both the Registration Form & Medical History form. To do this, simply select ‘Add’ beside the forms, one at a time.

Some tips on filling out the forms

  • The progress bar at the top of each section will indicate how far through each form you are
  • You can navigate between pages using the ‘Back’ & ‘Next’ buttons at any point
  • You can save your progress at any point by selecting the ‘Save’ button
  • Yellow fields indicate compulsory information
  • ‘Submit’ must be selected to ensure we receive a copy of your forms. If you simply save the information, it will not be sent to us and you may have to complete the forms again
  • If you select ‘Cancel’ at any point, you will lose any data entered so far
  • Once you have submitted your forms to TFP GCRM Fertility, they will appear in the ‘Submitted Medical Records’ of the ‘My Forms’ section
  • Anything you have started to fill out and saved but not submitted, will appear in the ‘In progress’ section

NB Patients and partners (where applicable) should complete their own forms and should have their own individual patient portal log-in details.

If you have previously attended TFP GCRM Fertility and already completed paper versions of our registration and medical history forms, then you do not need to complete the portal versions (however, if you change any of your details at any point, you should contact the clinic to advise us of this).

Appointment Listings

When you log into the patient portal, your home page will give you an overview of any upcoming appointments in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Please note, this section will only show you any upcoming appointments.

You can also view all upcoming appointments as well as previously attended appointments by selecting ‘Treatment Calendar’ from the tollbar at the top of the home screen. This will display all appointments, past and future in a calendar format.

Appointment Reminders

For appointments booked at TFP GCRM Fertility, you will receive an appointment reminder via SMS. This will detail the type of appointment you are booked for, the time, date and any special instructions. We will send this SMS to the mobile number you provide us with at registration.

You will sometimes also receive a letter detailing the information regarding your appointment, but as we don’t send letters for all appointments (hormone scans and bloods once your protocol has started for instance) the SMS serves as confirmation that the appointment has been booked.

NB Depending on when the appointment is booked, you may not receive a reminder SMS. If you are unsure about the details of the appointment in any way though, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0141 891 8749


As a clinic, we are making moves to reduce our carbon footprint and to do this, we will upload as much of your paperwork to the patient portal as we can. This not only reduces the amount of paper we produce but it means we can get information to you a little faster and allows you to download and save any documents sent to you for future use. You can still print the documents if you need or would prefer to have a hard copy of these.

When a document is uploaded to the patient portal, you will receive an SMS message to the mobile phone number you provided to us to advise you of this. To view the document(s), you should log into your patient portal account using your username and password and select ‘Documents’ then ‘Documents’ again from the drop down menu.

This will take you to a new page where all documents that have been uploaded to your patient portal are available to view and/or download. As the documents are available to view for a two week period, we recommend you download these to your own device for future reference.

NB Any documents previously posted to you will not automatically be available on the portal, but if there is something you would like to have access to via this method, please call us at the clinic on 0141 891 8749


To view any results that have been published to your patient portal, you should select the ‘Results’ tab from the toolbar at the top of the patient portal homepage, then select ‘Lab Results’.

This will open a new page on your portal and from here you can select a result to view in more detail, simply by clicking on it. When a result is published to your patient portal, you will receive an SMS alert asking you to log on to view this.

Please note that not all results will be published to the portal. Screening tests as well as AMH results will appear here, but the results of your hormone bloods will be reported to you by the nursing team, along with any steps to be taken as a result of these (e.g. subsequent appointments etc.)

If you have questions regarding any of the results, please do not hesitate to call the clinic on 0141 891 8749 to speak to a member of the nursing team.

Treatment Calendar

As mentioned above, your treatment calendar will show you details of any previous or upcoming appointments in either a daily, weekly or monthly view.

The calendar will also display your medication(s) on the dates it should be taken. If you double click on any medication, it will give you more detail about how it should be taken & dosage. If you have any queries though, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic on 0141 891 8749 and speak to a member of the nursing team.

When part of your treatment plan is ‘confirmed’ and published to the patient portal, you will receive an SMS message to alert you to log into your patient portal to view the updates.

SMS, Email & Portal Messaging

In addition to calling you, TFP GCRM Fertility will use email, SMS & portal messaging to communicate with you and the latter will be recorded on your patient portal.

  • SMS messages will be delivered straight to the mobile number you have provided us with
  • Email messages will be sent to the email address you provided us with at registration and the same email we sent your portal log-in details to (unless you subsequently alter this)
  • Portal messages will be sent to your portal account. You will receive an SMS message to advise you have received a Portal Message and you will need to log into your patient portal account to view this message

To view any of the above messages, please select the ‘Messages’ button from the toolbar at the top of the home page of your patient portal.

You will be shown a list of all your messages here and should you wish you view one in more detail, simply double-click. From here you will see the full details of the message and there will be an option to reply also, by selecting the ‘Reply’ button from the top right-hand corner of the message window.

Any replies will be sent directly to the clinic and from there forwarded to the relevant team to respond to you.

To write a new message to the clinic, simply select the ‘Write’ button from the ‘Messages’ page of your patient portal. This will deliver any messages straight to the clinic and any responses from the clinic will be sent to you via the patient portal.


The resources section aims to provide links to useful sites and organisations for use throughout treatment. We will update this as new information becomes available.

The links here will take you to sites outside of the patient portal and often outside of the TFP GCRM Fertility website.


This section provides answers to common questions about the portal and will be updated as the information changes or developments are made. If you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0141 891 8749.


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