We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

You might wish to return for treatment using your own frozen embryos from previous cycles. This does not need any of the stimulating drugs so is termed an un-stimulated cycle.

Generally you would contact us around the time you wanted to start treatment so we can advise you if any blood tests or paperwork require updating . If it has been a while since you last had treatment you may benefit from a follow up consultation which you can book by calling 0141 891 8749.

Preliminary tests and screening

There may be a combination of blood tests and a vaginal ultrasound scan to assess your ovaries depending on the protocol. Your GP may do the tests, or you can arrange an appointment yourself at the clinic. You may need to visit the clinic to update some consent paperwork and advise on treatment dates, the nurse will advise you at the time of enquiry if this is necessary.


Counselling is available at any stage of your treatment pathway. Fertility treatment is a significant emotional journey for all patients, and counselling provides extra emotional support. It is completely confidential. If you are going to be using donated eggs or sperm for your treatment, then you’ll be recommended to see the counsellor before starting treatment, to discuss the implications for both you and any children that may be born.

Your treatment will start on Day 1 of your period when you will need to call the clinic. We will then instruct you to start the treatment plan as explained. As you’re not undergoing ovarian stimulation, you may or may not have drugs to take in this cycle; this will be agreed with your doctor at your consultation. The drugs are there to help us control your endometrial development, so that we can replace your embryos in the best possible environment at the right time in a ‘medicated cycle’. If you have a regular menstrual cycle, we still monitor you, so we can transfer the embryo(s) at the best point in your ‘natural cycle’.

We’ll monitor your cycle through visits to the clinic for scans and possibly blood tests. The timings are different for everyone, because treatment is tailored to suit each patient individually.

If you’re using your own or donated frozen embryos, they will be carefully thawed for implantation. You will speak to the lab team on the day of transfer.

The procedure can feel like a smear test, but it takes longer: around 15 minutes. A tiny drop of culture medium containing one or two embryos is carefully deposited in the uterus using a thin catheter.

We appreciate how difficult this wait can be. Please call us at anytime if you are concerned – no worry is too small. It’s a good idea to make plans for after embryo transfer, to help you feel more in control: try to live life as normally as possible. We will call you during this time to answer any questions and see how you are feeling.

The UK average success rate for an IVF treatment cycle is around 30%. The treatment journey can be made up of a number of cycles and frozen embryo transfers. The good news is that these will add up; the more cycles you go through, the greater your chances of success.

Positive test

If you’re pregnant, we schedule a scan in the clinic at around 3-4 weeks. If everything looks OK, you’re discharged to your GP.

Negative test

If your period arrives before the test is due, or the test is negative, rest assured you are not alone.
We can meet to talk, review your treatment, and consider what the next step will be on your IVF journey. IVF conception often takes place over a number of cycles. You could be ready for a new cycle within a short time, even a couple of months if you have frozen embryos.


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