Success rates play a major part in helping many patients choose which clinic to attend. We strongly encourage all patients to review success rates before choosing their clinic.

Figure 1: Live Birth Rates (%) per egg collection in West of Scotland: <38 yrs old

Figure 2: Live Birth Rates (%) per egg collection in West of Scotland: > 37 yrs old

Figure 3: Live Birth Rates (%) per egg collection in West of Scotland: All Ages

What this means

Figures 1 – 3 display Live Birth Rates per egg collection for patients <38 years old; >37 years old; and for All Ages, respectively, against the national rate for clinics in the West of Scotland. Live Birth Rate (%) per egg collection shows the chances of a live birth following a single course of stimulation and egg collection. It includes fresh and frozen embryo transfers within two years of having the one egg collection. We consider this to be the most important measure for patients as it gives an overall picture of success rates for a full course of treatment (which can include one fresh and a number of frozen transfers) i.e. a cumulative live birth rate. Some patients have more than one child from that single stimulation. Live Birth Rate (%) per embryo transferred can only provide an indication of success rates for that one embryo transfer. This is dependent upon the embryo transfer policy that each clinic operates, which is influenced by embryological evidence, and the age of the patient.


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