Pregnancy Scanning Fees

Schedule of FeesTogether_82853833

The charges for the ultrasound examinations are as follows:

Harmony Test with GCRM staff- by GCRM staff up to 12+6weeks.
- MUST have NHS scan completed prior to enquiry
Harmony Test with Professor Alan Cameron- after 12+6weeks
- and/or if high risk pregnancy
- and/or if multiple pregnancy.
- MUST have NHS scan completed prior to enquiry
Early Pregnancy Scan
6 to 10 weeks
- confirm viable intrauterine pregnancy
- estimates gestational age
- diagnose multiple pregnancies
- exclude ectopic pregnancy
Dating Scan
10 to 14 weeks
- confirm viable intrauterine pregnancy
- dates the pregnancy accurately, creating an expected due date (EDD)
- diagnose or evaluate multiple pregnancy
- can identify abnormalities
Reassurance Scan
14 to 18 weeks
- scan not usually necessary at this stage, but provides reassurance
- standard measurements taken
Gender Scan
16 to 32 weeks
- confirms the sex of the baby
- standard measurements taken
Detailed Scan
18- 24 weeks
- detailed anatomical survey of baby to exclude abnormalities
- check growth of baby, liquor volume and placental location
- determine sex if requested
From £160
Cardiac Scan
20-26 weeks
- detailed survey of the structure of the baby's heart to exclude cardiac abnormalities£180
Growth Scan
26-38 weeks
- determine growth of baby
- estimation of fetal weight
- estimation of fetal movement
- assessment of blood flow through placenta
From £100
Serial Growth Scans
28+32+36 weeks
as above, series of tracking scansFrom £240
3D⁄4D Scan
24-32 weeks
- fetal growth report with weight estimation
- assessment of liquor volume, placental position and blood flow
- 3d images and DVD footage
From £150
Cervical Length Scan
16-28 weeks
- predict onset of miscarriage, or preterm labour in high risk pregnancies. (History of preterm-labour, multiple pregnancies, abnormalities of the uterus)£120
Presentation Scan
35weeks to term
- determination of fetal presentation
- determination of placental site and screening for placenta praevia
- fetal growth report with weight estimation
Consultant Scans£POA