Family Stories

Michael & Michelle’s story – Vasectomy Reversal & ICSI

When Michelle and Michael from Inverclyde first met in 2010, since they both had children from previous relationships, having a child together was not something on their minds. Michael underwent a Vasectomy procedure and they continued happily through life as normal for the next six months. However after getting married, Michelle started to have doubts and after confiding in Michael, they agreed to try to reverse the vasectomy and then have their own biological child together. (more…)

Hazel and Peter’s Story

After trying for a baby for a year we knew something wasn’t right when the pitter patter didn’t materialise. This was confirmed by our gp and after being told our NHS wait was going to be 2 years we soon decided to seek help ourselves. Having never heard of GCRM, I came across them when doing a Google search.