We are very proud of GCRM success rates and continually strive to improve. These rates are especially exciting as we have a non-selective policy and the pregnancies include couples who had a low chance of success.

Understanding success rates is a tricky business. Clinics can present figures in all sorts of ways, so it can be hard to compare like with like.  One clinic may only treat patients with a very high chance of success, so their result will look great compared to another clinic treating many more patients who by nature already have a lower chance of success, such as women over 40. The only way to really understand is to dig down a little into the results, checking the age groups and how many patients are being treated.

It’s also worth looking at the live birth rate, and not just the pregnancy rates. The HFEA publish all the official clinic success rates on their website, providing a useful, independent place to compare clinics.  If you are confused by the success rates, have a chat with your nurse or doctor when you are in the clinic. Some success rates can also appear lower/higher if a category has a particularly low data set.

GCRM report the live birth rates to be as transparent as possible for patients choosing the right clinic, and our success rates reflect the experience and quality of our clinical and embryology team, the dedication and skills of the nurses, the administration and support staff and our doctors. None of our successes would be possible without the continued commitment and expertise of our whole team.

We are happy to provide you with particular statistics in relation to your circumstances so please feel free to contact us if you would like some more information on success rate.