Donor Eggs Overseas

IVF Spain (Alicante)

GCRM has a well established link with  IVF Spain (Alicante). They are a large, highly successful Spanish fertility clinic with very active egg donation programmes meaning you can receive donor eggs overseas with help from GCRM.

Even though we have our own successful donation programme, we were still finding that demand for donated eggs, and the relative shortage of Scottish/UK donors, was leading to couples seeking treatment abroad. The decision was therefore taken to set up formal collaboration with IVF Spain to help those couples who choose to undergo treatment abroad. This enables patients to have the preparatory appointments, counselling and support locally at GCRM, so travelling to Spain is kept to a minimum.

GCRM is happy to endorse IVF Spain (Alicante), as their practices are well defined, their doctors and staff are highly skilled and they have pioneered a number of current practices. Furthermore, their donors are fully and stringently screened in accordance with current UK legislation. The main difference between Spanish and UK donors is that in Spain all donors are anonymous. In the UK, donors consent to provide certain information that could lead to them being identified. In other words it is possible for any child born from a UK donor (at the age of 18) to trace their biological parent. With Spanish donors, this is not possible.

How it works: starting treatment with your Spanish Clinic…

  • GCRM staff will provide you with initial information on the process, and if you want to proceed, you’ll come to the clinic for an Initial Consultation, and all the necessary pre-treatment testing will be done.
  • After this, you’ll have an appointment to discuss and sign all the consent forms and paperwork.
  • These documents are then sent to your  clinic for review by a consultant, who then sends a request to the egg donation department for a characteristic match. Your clinic’s patient coordinator will then contact you to ask when you wish to travel to Spain. Once these details have been confirmed, they will devise a treatment protocol for you. IVF Spain (Alicante) patients will have a mock-cycle monitored by GCRM immediately prior to your actual cycle . This enables IVF Spain (Alicante) to better predict your response to treatment.
  • A GCRM nurse will phone to discuss the protocol with you, arrange for your drugs to be delivered, and set up your monitoring appointments (scans and possibly blood tests).

GCRM will co-ordinate your treatment with IVF-Spain (Alicante), but as they are in charge of your treatment, they will make all treatment decisions.

To receive further information and details about the costs involved in pursuing treatment with IVF Spain (Alicante) please contact GCRM on 0141 891 8749 or, and we will be happy to help.